The Content of As and Heavy Metals in TSP and PM10 Near Copper Smelter in Bor, Serbia
Wed 24.10.2018 • Project team

The content of As and heavy metals (Pb, Cd,Ni, and Cu) in total suspended particulate (TSP) and PM10 at 3 locations (Park, Institute, and Jugopetrol) near the copper smelter in Bor (Serbia) has been analysed within the period 2004 to 2015 with the aim of investigating the seasonal and spatial changes of those pollutants in the suspended particles. The content of As inTSP and PM10 was over the annual EU limit value at all measuring points during the entire period of observation,while contents of Cd and Pb were periodically above the annual EU limits. There were no statistically significant seasonal changes between mean levels of the observed elements in the cold (October–March) and warm (April–September) periods during the year. A strong and moderate positive correlation was detected between the concentrations of each particular element(except Ni) at all measuring points. Additionally, Cd was the most enriched element followed by Pb, As,and Cu, while Ni was low-enriched. The constant airpollution with As particles, sometimes in concentration seven 20 times higher than the permitted annual value,requires urgent undertaking of concrete actions in order to reduce an  thropogenic emission of suspended particles in Bor.