Sustainable mining waste management in Bor basin, Serbia
Thu 25.10.2018 • Project team

In Mining and Metallurgy Basin Bor there are many problems associated with mining and metallurgical wastes, some of these are successfully resolved, and some are in preparation for solving.

The recycling of tailings by flotation would not only save the environment but also recuperate metal copper and other valuable compounds which in fact make the cleaning of Bor creek self- financing and profitable.

This paper made an overview of various wastes in terms of sustainable solutions and also proposed a reprocessing/recycling scheme for tailings that is the best alternative to clean the environment and is also financially profitable. The proposed reprocessing/recycling process consists of excavation, repulping, attrition, bulk sulfidation and precious metals flotation, bulk concentrate treatment by selective flotation and landfilling of the newly obtained secondary tailings to the old closed open pit mines.

The paper described laboratory results in order to prove the above proposed scheme. It was shown that it can be possible to obtain flotation bulk concentrate with acceptable recovery potential of the valuable compounds. The laboratory results showed an achievable copper recovery in bulk concentrate of up to 98%.

Possible solutions of dealing with other wasted materials, besides tailings were also discussed and some recommendation for their further treatment are given.