Visit to Bor, October 24th 2018
Wed 24.10.2018 • Project team

On October 24th 2018, in the premises of the Bor Municipality, a meeting was held of representatives of the local self-government with the representatives of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, Serbian Agency for Environment Protection (SEPA), and the Institute of Public Health of Serbia „Dr Milan Jovanović Batut“. Representative of the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) has also attended the meeting, together with representatives from the Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor and Mining & Smelting Complex Bor.

Primarily, the aim of the meeting was to present to the officials of the local self-government, the details of the project implemented by SEPA (supported by UNEP), on the issue of measuring heavy metals concentrations in soil and sediment, at key contaminated sites in Bor.

Dr Dragana Vidojevic (SEPA) and Dr Branislava Matic Savicevic (Institute of Public Health of Serbia ) jointly presented the objectives and planned outcomes of the project, which is managed by the Institute in front of the Ministry of Health, as an implementing agency: "Strengthening national capacities and cross-sectoral synergies in the field safe management of contaminated sites and hazardous chemicals in order to prevent harmful effects on human health and the environment in the Republic of Serbia. " The project is supported by UNEP and SAICM (Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management, as well as by the World Health Organization and the COST Action IS1408 Industrial Contaminated Sites and Health Networks.) The national partners of the Institute in the project are the SEPA, the Ministry of Environment Protectiont (Department of Chemicals), Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Bor, Ministry of Health.

In order to get an insight into the real existing risk factors affecting the environment and health of the exposed population, a tour was made to all contaminated spots at the broad territory of the town of Bor, having visible signs of continuous pollution of the environment (old and current landfills, flotation repositories, ore mines), after the meeting at the premises of the Bor Municipality.


Download the report on the automatic station for measuring air quality in Bor